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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Can you ID this Receiver? Grayson Finds a Homebrew Receiver in Germany. From the GDR. Circuit? Schematic? Thermatrons?

Grayson Evans KJ7UM (the author of  Hollow State Design) was recently in Germany where he spotted this museum display of a homebrew receiver built in the GDR (the old East Germany) around 1983 by a 13 year-old.   Very cool. 

Here is today's task for SolderSmoke:  Can you provide any more info on this receiver? The card indicates 0-V-1 which would be a regen with no RF amplifier, right?  Maybe something like this: 

 Look carefully at the pictures and try to gather any additional information on the receiver or its builder.  

Thanks Grayson! 


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  2. I'm thinking the valves are Soviet made 6j1p.
    I thought this was interesting.
    The builder would be 53 now. I don't see how the tuning would work.



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