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Friday, May 24, 2024

Version II of 15-10 Rig -- Updates on Bal Mod, AF amp, and RF Amp, DX

Version II of the 15-10 rig is mostly done. I did a lot of work on the AF amp, balanced modulator, Mic amp, carrier oscillator, and filter. Dean KK4DAS and I continue to test and measure the RF power amplifier. I describe the brutally simple, non-sequenced T/R switching arrangement, and the spread-out open air construction style.

Version I of this rig is on its way to the Dominican Republic. Version II will stay in Virginia. I have already worked a lot of SSB DX with this rig, including, Thailand, Taiwan, China, India, Kenya, Australia, American Samoa, and others.

This video was inspired by the recent work of Nick M0NTV and Charlie ZL2CTM. And of course, Pete Juliano N6QW.

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  1. Thanks Bill! It was great to see your own 15m/10m rig and to hear about some of the challenges you faced. Great to have Charlie back on YouTube too! 73, Nick M0NTV


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