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Monday, June 17, 2024

1,280 Antennas at 12 GHz -- How Starlink Works

One commenter questioned why we went with the more expensive Starlink system.  The simple answer is that it is just better, faster, and more reliable than the alternatives.  Many people here are clamoring for this sytem, and they are doing this for a reason.  On speed tests I am showing downloads of about 150 Mbps.  That is fast.  The truth is that my wife is more of an innovator than I am -- she was the one who decided on Starlink.  

When we were installing this system, I didn't even know what they meant by "Dishy."  I didn't know there were motors in the antenna.  And I certainly didn't know about the complicated software and hardware that allow the Dishy antenna to track the Starlink low earth orbit satellites without the use of the motors.   The above video explains it all very well.  

This is all a great demonstration of what can be done with digital technology, microchips, software and UHF. 


  1. well, it's not all bliss. It seems there are deficiencies in the design: https://www.aanda.org/articles/aa/full_html/2023/08/aa46374-23/aa46374-23.html

    1. Thanks. Really interesting. One paragraph in the summary really caught my eye:

      "The narrow-band emission detected at 125, 150, and 175 MHz may be harmonically related, suggesting a local oscillator or clock signal operating at a frequency of 25 MHz. It is noteworthy that the narrow-band signals were only detected for satellites at the operational altitude. No such signals were seen for the satellites in orbit-raising phase, it is unclear if this effect is owing to operation or satellite version. The broad-band features are with high probability caused by other means, such as switched-mode power supplies, communication signals internal to the satellites, or some other electronic or electrical subsystem."

      Ha! 25 MHz oscillators, harmonics, and switching power supplies. These are among the same things that bedevil our much simpler rigs. Elon needs to straighten these things out on the next constellation.


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