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Sunday, September 28, 2008

SolderSmoke #92

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September 28, 2008
The Flea at Trastevere
QRSS 2N2222 goes toes up. Why?
Da Vinci Code MEPT Frequency Standard
Wind Powered QRSS
QRSS Whispers reflecting off airplanes
Transformer troubles at CERN
Arnie's cool Cuban hack
Woodpecker update
A SolderSmoke charity project
Another engineer joke
The Joy of Fixing Things
Jim Severns - KNACK VICTIM
A Homebrew Italian Space Program
MAILBAG: G0FUW in Gibraltar
VU3RDD in Southern India
KB1QVO on laser comms
K4BVL likes our audio
VK3PB on Italy's "Space Hackers"
W0DAB on free online MIT courses
DL4MGJ on fixing 2B parallax
WB6NTL on transistor failure mode
AF6C on crystal ovens
G3ZTB likes Shep

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