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Sunday, September 14, 2008

SolderSmoke #91 STEREO SPECIAL

Be sure to listen to episode 91 of the SolderSmoke podcast:


September 14, 2008


ON5EX's QRSS MEPT leads us back to bike riding
Watching Jupiter, listening for Jupiter
KF6KYI's I-tunes QRSS
Stan, 9H1LO's new grabber
Laptop motion detectors as earthquake detectors
Nuclear fusion in the shack
Philo T. Farnsworth
Building a QRSS freq standard
Forget about stocks: SSDRA now selling at $399.89
QST articles on-line! FB!
Jim Williams and the joy of fixing things
STEREO SPECIAL: Roger Hayward's new binaural DSB project
Antenna woes
G0WAT on HOGCON 2008 (21 Sept in Herts.)
AJ8T on Russian rovers with laser reflectors
KA9OOI on language and low pass audio filtering
WB6TNL says NO to rat neurons in QRP gear
KB6QR "beknacked" vice "knackered" ?????
NR5A has a Drake 2A
7J1AWL on the air from Vietnam
KC0PET goes solar
OZ1CJX Bad case of Knack, may need professional help
K8WPR says Knack keeping him away from wild women, bars
AJ8T on CK722 museum
AG5RS works Texas balloon from Dubai (via net)
KI4SGU POW radio parts
N8WQ on schematic drawing program
KF4LMZ has QRSS-itis, finds 10.140 rock in CB rig


  1. Hey Bill...

    Thanks for the mention on your podcast, but you got a few of the details wrong, so I thought I'd drop a comment here to clarify.

    For the QRSS experiments I've done to date, I am using my Yaesu FT-817ND. It's a QRP HF/VHF/UHF rig that puts out a maximum of five watts and a minimum of 0.5 watts. It's currently (in the last 24 hours) rigged to a low G5RV Jr antenna (only 51 feet long, and maybe 15 feet off the ground) in the back of my QTH. I've also got a LDG-Z11 Pro tuner.

    Basically, I'm generating QRSS and lately WSPR traffic in the same way that all digital sound card modes work: I generate a sound file (using some programs I wrote) that provide the necessary modulation, and feed it in the digital input just like any other sound card mode like PSK31. My early experiments just generated a sound file which I needed to loop, so I did that in iTunes on my laptop (no iPod). Now, I've actually got a custom program written in C which generates the beacon messages, and can change frequency and handles all the timing (WSPR messages begin 2 seconds after even number minutes).

    Anyway, anybody interested can surf over to http://brainwagon.org to see more, and I send occasional updates to the Knights mailing list.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Re the #91 topic list, unless he had a namesake dedicated to Greek pastries, it's Philo Farnsworth! Thanks for another fine episode.

  3. Thanks Matt for the info on the QRSS and Whisper.

    And thanks Michael for the Filo correction. Italian must be influencing my spelling. Filo = wire.

    73 Bill


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