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Monday, December 8, 2008

SolderSmoke 96

SolderSmoke 96
December 8, 2008


Moj Music
Rome winter: Snowcapped mountains, Starlings
Billy’s Blog – Please visit!
“Make” redeems itself with LED video
80 DSB rig: LTSpice, Design, Diplexers, Decoupling
Properly terminating balanced modulators
The virtues of feedback
80 meter DSB QRP (in a contest)
Reading Recommendation: January 2009 “Air and Space”
Jupiter and Venus aligned
Saturn picture with (sorta) homebrew rig
Ben’s Balloon Beacon
Laurence KL1X in N. China – will set up QRSS grabber
Roger K7RXV and Bob KD4EBM on SolderSmells
Jerry NR5A has WSPR-mania
Scott KD5NJR on “Soul of a New Machine”
Bob K7HBG “Real radios have knobs”
Akshay VA7AAX 15 year-old listener, homebrewer


  1. Really good stuff this time! The webcam-telescope is really cool. 73 de Guadalajara.

  2. Thank you for putting out SolderSmoke! I really love listening to the podcast on the way to/from work.

    Jeremy, N1JER

    PS: I really want to build a QRSS beacon now!


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