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Sunday, December 28, 2008

WebSDR Receiver Goes to Six Bands

Those intrepid digital hams at the University of Twente have temporarily put their WebSDR receiver on six bands (we should lobby to make the expanded freq coverage permanent). It is really great. I love the waterfall display. Audio quality here is excellent. (I'm listening to 75 meter SSB now.) Check it out:

You should also check out PA3FWM's SDR page: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
Very interesting. I thought picture above should be entitled "The Ultimate Dead Bug."

I have successfully completed troubleshooting my old (1983) frequency counter (found some bad CMOS gates), and I just finished assembling Doug N3ZI's very FB freq counter semi-kit (thanks Jerry!)... Now I'm listening to the Web SDR receiver... The SoftRock40 kit seems to be calling me.... I feel myself being pulled into the digital vortex! Quick, someone throw me an analog life saver!


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  2. I have been listening to this project since August '08. Trying to snag your signal or beacon since it is relatively close to you. Your podcast is the best. You are informative, insightful, humorous and have a genuine appeal to the common ham. Best of fortunes in 2009. 73, Bill McCain KE5VZT

  3. I agree about the dead bug comment! It looks horrible (I build dead bug quite a bit too) but it works! The WebSDR is quite an amazing project and I really hope it catches on. It would be nice to see some amazing technology or propogation tools come out of such ideas. Only time will tell, and some soldersmoke too :)



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