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Thursday, April 9, 2009

2N35s, 1955... and some inspiration from AA1TJ

From Michael, AA1TJ:

Bill, I was re-reading Ade, W0RSP's "History of QRP" last night; especially that last chapter on transistor rigs. It dawned on me that the two 2N35 transistors that I'm presently using in my 40m transmitter were built two months before Bob, W7UUZ's famous, maiden transistor QRP contacts in August of 1955. While we can't go back and beat Lindbergh's first solo crossing of the Atlantic, for example, a fellow could re-live some of the excitement by building a replica of The Spirit of St. Louis and taking it up for a spin. If anything, it gives one a better appreciation of the hurdles those early trailblazers had to leap.

That's Michael's 2N35 rig pictured above. For more details see:

Michael also put a really great message on QRP-L earlier this week. I hope he reprints that on his blog.

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