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Saturday, April 25, 2009

On to the Canary Islands

Got up this morning, walked into the shack and saw on my computer screen a thin green line from Rome to the Canary Islands. I knew that my little WSPR station had reached out to new territory, and had established a new distance record (for me). Life is good!
As I've been doing, I decided to see who was at the other end of that line. It was Luis, EA8AY (pictured above). Luis's station picked up my 18 milliwatt signal at 2106 UTC on April 24. The distance was 1871 miles (3011 kilometers). I was 23 db below the noise.
Luis has a very nice web page: http://www.ea8ay.com/index.html (Warning: This site will likely cause feelings of extreme jealousy: Luis is living in a fantastic location, with a beautiful family AND he is the owner of an Argonaut 509!)
On his site, Luis has a nice video that will give you a sense of what WSPR is like:

wspr with 100 mw from luis on Vimeo.

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