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Monday, July 27, 2009

Shep: CW, Conrad, Lake Erie Swing, QRP ops (2 Watts on 20)

April 13, 1965. Jean Shepherd discusses Morse Code, propagation, the Signal Corps and a QRP adventure on 20 Meters. You guys will love this one. Thanks to Bob, N1BE for sending this along. More tomorrow.



  1. Great stuff, Bill.

    What the heck was Shep 'sending' with? A kazoo? HA!

    Russell Waters' character in The Key was "Sparks". His popularity on IMDB has jumped by 62% in the past week. Makes me wonder if SolderSmoke Blog had something to do with it!

    73 from the old sea dog (not),

    Steve Smith WB6TNL

  2. Shep was a treasure! I used to listen to him every night on WOR in New York. I actually remember listening to his show when he chatted about the "Lake Erie Swing." That's how I found this page, looking for links about the LES!


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