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Sunday, July 5, 2009

SolderSmoke Podcast #111

Lunchtime on Ponza (with Palmarola Island in the background)


In SolderSmoke 111:

July 5, 2009
Ponza and the Pontine Islands
The Xtal Set Society -- Great guys!
Spark plugs as lightning arresters
The Grundig Mini 300 SW receiver
Jupiter from Rome and from Mars
Saturn from the window
More tremors
Back to visual MEPT
Is my antenna down, or is it conditions?
W7ZOI on bidirectional amps
Farhan's simple "JBOT" 5W BJT amp
AA1TJ's Xtaflex
Regens from hell
Sprat 139
Arthur C. Clarke's "Voices from the Sky"

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  1. That station on 7143kHz is probably Radio Kavkaz, the Chechnya pirate station.

  2. Hi Bill,

    The feed for 111 hasn't shown up in my iTunes yet. Am I the only one?

    Mark, NX1K
    Milwaukee WI USA

  3. OK, so I did the equivalent of a reboot. I unsubscribed and subscribed again, now it shows up.

  4. Have just finished reading "Contra Cross" Bill. This Leftist found it very interesting. Am looking forward to the Solder Smoke book. Great pictures of those islands in la Bella Italia, by the way...

    73 de México

  5. Comments on the comments: Jeff: The station I heard on 40 was transmitting 5 letter groups in CW. That's would be one weird pirate.
    Mark: The rss feed for 110 and 111 was a bit messed up. I think I fixed it.
    Roberto: Glad you liked Contra Cross, but SolderSmoke (the book) is a lot more fun.

    73 to all


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