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Thursday, November 26, 2009

50 stations receive my 20 mW DSB Ubuntu WSPR signals

In less than a week of intermittent WSPR operations with the new Ubuntu WSPR 2.0, 50 stations have received my awesome 20 mW Double Sideband HB WSPR signal. (Am I still the only station in the world running WSPR DSB?) 49 of the stations have been in Europe. The only across-the-pond report comes from W1XP. Only once was my signal above the noise level -- that was with a neighbor, Andrea, IW0HK. Above you can see the screenshot of his reception of my signal.

You Linux-masters out there might be able to help me with a couple of things: WSPR 2.0 seems to stop running if I leave it alone for a few hours (maybe it opposes un-attended beacon operations!) And I also have what I think is an un-related problem: The computer (a Tecra 8100) goes into some sort of deep sleep mode (a coma really) if I leave it alone for a few more hours. I've tried playing with all the Ubuntu power managment and screen-save settings. And I've gone back into the bios and the set-up section on the computer to change the sleep modes, etc. No luck.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers! We will be having turkey with all the fixings here in Rome today.


  1. Bill, you're lucky that you even get a few hours WSPR from the Ubuntu version. My experience of the pre 2.0 release and Ubuntu was not good. It worked, but not for long before it crashed. I'm glad to see that Joe has add CAT control. I amended the code myself in the previous version to add this function.

    I will try WSPR 2.0 but only after I have downgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 (from 9.10 Karmic Koala). 9.10 is a very unstable release so don't even think of upgrading to it, although reports suggest that a new install is more stable than an upgrade.

  2. Ditto that. I am having problems with 9.10 on many levels: power up, power down, fldigi freaking out, etc. My W3PM xcvr project is still unfinished (parts gathered) so cannot speak to the Ubuntu-capable WSPR software. But there are "issues" ("problems" in old-fashioned, non PC English ;)) with Ubuntu 9.10

    Happy Thanksgiving from Guadalajara...

  3. Ive had good luck the second time out of 9.10 but it was a clean install.
    The first one was on an old drive that died...
    Mark N5OBC


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