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Thursday, November 19, 2009

An amazing radio history book - FREE!

Robert, WP4PQV, sent us some links to a treasure trove of U.S. Navy electronics publications that have been placed on-line. My initial perusal of the collection took me to History of Communications in the U.S. Navy by Capt. Howeth. Here is one gem from this amazing book:

Emperor Tiberius ruled Rome from the island of Capri for 10 years, around 37 A.D., transmitting his orders by means of the heliograph.
3 This indicates that the Romans, at this time, used some form of telegraphic code in the transmission of information.

Here is the link:

The 1946 Navy Manual "Introduction to Radio Equipment" (and links to other books) can be found here:

1 comment:

  1. Hi OM!
    I have to inform you that Ancient Greeks Sent the message of Troy fall with the help of fires atop of hills and mountains.
    It was probably the very first shed and it happen more than a Millennium(!) before the Romans!
    Thank you.
    73 de sv3auw/peter


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