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Friday, December 10, 2010

Need audio reports for Podcast 128

How did 128 sound? I did drop off the lows, but I used the same filter I used in 127.


  1. Me again,

    I thought it sounded great. I was going to comment on it but thought maybe everyone was already in agreement that the "sibilant 'S'" problem was resolved. I have a very poor-quality car stereo that in the past really emphasized the whistling "S" issue and it felt like a knife cutting through my skull. But now, with same lousy stereo, I couldn't hear it.

    The "Hoo" in C'Ville

  2. Sounds fine Bill, on my iPod, and thanks for the continued encouragement on exercising knack abilities.


  3. Hello Bill,

    Welcome home!!

    The audio sounded great here on my laptop which has dubious sound reproduction capabilities.....hihi.

    Seriously, the sound quaility is fine.


  4. I thought it started out sounding pretty good, but around 03:13 all the bass went away and it sounded more like a transistor radio. I went back to listen to the Italian setup on episode 124, and frankly, it sounds a lot better to my ears. But hey, it looks like I'm in the minority here! Maybe you need a triode preamp to fatten up the sound a bit!

  5. Hi Bill,

    I also lost your bass response after 03:13. I was using Windows Media 9 series to listen to the podcast.

    It was great to see your callsign pop up on my WSPR screen again.

  6. I'm not sure why you're filtering at all. You shouldn't need anything except maybe some compression. Mic placement will help far more than anything you could do in post.

    Maybe drop your sample rate down to 22khz or so as you're just recording voice (remember Nyquist!). Since bit rate is measured temporally, you'll end up with far less compression on each sample while maintaining your filesize.

  7. I also noticed the bass dropping out early on, 127 sounded much better.

  8. I also noted that the Bass dropped out early on in the show. My Ipod was connected to the car stereo. On my setup it actually sounded clearer after the bass dropped down. Could just be that I have the bass turned up higher on the car stereo.


  9. Yo te escucho al 100% y con excelente definición y claridad. Sí, como a los 3 mins se altera y se hace un poco más "metálico", pero es mínimo.

    Keep it smooth and in the groove!

    Bravi, ragazzi!


  10. As far is I can hear it sounds ok (I'm just listening with the built-in speakers of my Chumby). No problems with whistling "S" or something else. :-)

    Thanks for this nice podcast, Bill! :-)

    Tobi DG6KAP


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