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Monday, May 7, 2012

SolderSmoke Podcast #143

SolderSmoke Podcast #143 is available:


Cappuccio the Flying Retriever
Kite Flying (no  injuries this time!)
April 1 getting more and more difficult
Turtle Wax and Telescope Maintenance
Titan's Orbital period
NJQRP's Amazing "Chat with the Designers"
QRP-Tech and A-QRP
Billy's workbench and computer build
Sony Vaios goes toes up (really)
Digi modes make me grumpy
Kick Panel rig gets a receiver
The Joy of Belden 1671A
I want to bulild a BITX 75/20!
Solar Flux when I was born (300+)
SPRAT 150! Congrats!
Jason NT7S and his new OpenBeacon QRSS kit

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  1. Hi Bill, another great SS.

    If ever you want to upgrade the receiver in the kickpanel rig (and move towards more discrete parts), I highly recommend another Farhan receiver at http://www.phonestack.com/farhan/dc40.html It has a better front end than the NE602, and I think nicer audio. I describe and demo my version at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc2ofe7T7Rw

    I can't resist ending by questioning the 2006 Handbook quote about LSB/USB use being due to 9 MHz crystal filters and 5 MHz VFOs.

    You'll only get sideband inversion if you're subtracting the crystal filter frequency. Subtracting the VFO won't invert the sideband. Eg if you have a 9 MHz USB signal and mix it with a 12.5 MHz VFO, you'll get 21.5 MHz USB and 3.5 MHz LSB.

    73, Peter VK3YE

  2. Congratulations, I just started listening to SolderSmoke Podcasts but definitely love them. Time to time, I have to admit, I got confused with words (I'm Italian).
    Look forward to follow you and your blog.

    Cheers from Italy
    Stefano IZ3NVR - KD2BGM


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