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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DSB Audio -- Why Worry?

In a recent post I mentioned my concern about shaping the audio frequency response of my DSB transmitters.   This concern was sparked by an article in the May 1993 issue of "Electric Radio" magazine.   John Staples, W6BM,  had an article (the first in a three part series) entitled "Good Audio." The article (like most of ER) was focused on AM rigs and, it seems to me, contains a lot of technical wisdom.  Here is the part I found most relevant: 

"Good hamband AM audio is not the same as hi-fi audio. A broadcast-quality transmitter fed with a broadcast quality mike would sound flabby and under modulated. The highs would be lost in the narrow bandwidth of the receiver. The low frequency component would dominate the modulation power, but would be lost to the low frequency roll-off in the receiver.  What's left of the mid-range would sound weak, and the signal would lack punch.  Proper response shaping results in audio that sounds powerful, natural and undistorted." 

This seems to apply to DSB (suppressed carrier) audio just as well. 

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