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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Knack Story: Ryan's Rig

... [I know] a young ham locally who suffers terribly from the
affliction of the "knack". Ryan, KJ6HBY, is 17, and an Extra class,
who earned his DXCC in a year. He is a great builder, starting out
building his first antenna a couple years ago by breaking apart an old
washing machine motor and unwinding it for the wire. Along the way he
has restored various rigs, i.e. HR10, S-38, IC707, etc and built a
BTX17 (17 meter version of the BTX20). Enclosed is a couple photos of
his latest creations. First, he hand carved a wood morse code key. It
actually feels and works well. Now he has build a single tube xmtr,
and after fussing with it, is pumping out 4 watts. Both of the kid's
folks are hams as well as his sister. I had an opportunity to visit
his shack the other day. It's a teenage ham's dream and a mother's
nightmare. Racks floor to ceiling with radios! If anybody has the
knack, Ryan does. Makes me think there is a future, we can sleep well
Mike Herr
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