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Monday, June 3, 2013

1-29 MHz In One Small Box

This weekend I put the Arduino/AD9850 Direct Digital Synthesis device into a box this weekend.  It is sort of evolving into a general purpose HF signal generator and/or VFO.  It is really kind of neat that this little collection of boards can generate RF across that range, with accurate digital readout.  Thanks again to Richard Visokey, AD7C, for the circuit and the code.  As you can see, my cabinet making skills will never land me a job on the Discovery Channel,  but I'm kind of pleased with the box.  I picked up the wood panels from a hobby/craft shop. 

I left a lot of space in the box.  I envision an amplifier taking the output from its current .4 milliwatts up to around 10 milliwatts, followed by step attenuators (pads).

Here is the other end.  Of course, I could have just taken the ATMega chip out and avoided putting the whole Arduino board inside the box, but I'll leave that exciting digital adventure for a future project.

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