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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paddle Output Arduino Keyer Kludge (video)

Ooops -- I got my keyer terminology wrong in this video.   The K1EL keyer just needs a "paddle keyer" input, not an iambic keyer.   One line is brought to ground for dots, another for dashes. (With an iambic keyer, if you make both contacts at the same time you get a string of alternating dots and dashes.)  My homebrew cootie keyer did the job, but I wasn't very proficient, hence the need for this digital kludge. I also got the name of the Arduino guru wrong: he is Massimo Banzi.  Mi dispiace Massimo.   

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  1. I like it. I am planning something similar, attempting to use a 2N7000 (rather than a relay) as a switch. I believe this is what the K1EL keyer does.

    72, Al - va3iaw

  2. How is it handling the clock speed difference? I see that the blinks looked reasonable for a 1 second display (although I didn't really time it)


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