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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tour of WLW 500,000 Watt Transmitter (video)

Well, you know that you are really in the high power big leagues when your transmitter requires a cooling pond, and you have to put on welding goggles before you examine your tubes!  I especially liked the bit about how they built the transmitter BUILDING from the packing materials used to ship the transmitter (my operating desk is made from a box used to ship my HT-37!). 

This is all really amazing.  They built this thing less than ten years after the initial launch of commercial broadcast radio in the U.S. 

Thanks a lot to Randy for doing this video and to the guys who gave the really excellent tour.

My apologies to the QRP purists who I know will have been deeply disturbed by this presentation.

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  1. Bill, I am chuckling at your comments. Thanks for the posting.

    Randy, K7AGE

  2. The QRP guys could install a big honking 50 dB attenuator.


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