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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Sometimes it is better to have LESS test gear.  Watching my 5 MHz VFO on the frequency counter was driving me nuts.  If I hadn't had the counter, I might have been satisfied with the VFO.  Ignorance is bliss!   It did settle down a bit.  But then it would wander off.  I hated watching it drift around.  I have been spoiled by Doug DeMaw's VXOs.   So, I went for the VXO.   It will run around 23 MHz.  I'll build the filter at 5 MHz.  That's definitely the plan.  For now. 

I intend to go back and build a real VFO someday.    There seems to be a lot of magic and lore involved.  Bees Wax!  Hot Glue!  Nail Polish!  Q-Dope!  Air-wound coils!   

TEK 465 is still broke.   I think it is the high voltage supply or (less likely) the CRT. 

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  1. Or you could just hook one of your AD9850 frequency synthesizer boards up to your Arduino.......


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