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Saturday, October 5, 2013

BITX BUILD UPDATE #12 -- Relay and PA, BITX 17/10?

As you can see, the board is starting to fill up.  I really like it.  It seems (to me) like the canvas of a painting approaching completion. This morning I put in the T/R relay.  That space in the upper left is reserved for the driver and the IRF510 Power Amplifier.

I got some help from the Chief Designer this week.  As noted in an earlier post, Farhan  advised me to check the mixers.  I knew that I had them wired correctly and that they were in fact mixing, but when Farhan advises you to check something, YOU CHECK IT.  Farhan was right (see earlier post).

It really sounds great.  I know that the filter still has significant ripple in it, but the receiver sounds so good I'm reluctant to mess with it.  Should I de-ripple it?

On the train yesterday I was thinking about this rig, and it occurred to me that my 23.1 MHz VXO/ 5  MHz IF arrangement means that this 17 meter transceiver could also generate signals on the 10 meter band.  Of course, I'd have to build a second bandpass filter, but the radio gods guided my hand and caused me to leave space on the board for just such a filter (see above).  I realize the IRF510 PA wouldn't be too good up at those frequencies,  but when the radio gods speak, you have to listen.   

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