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Monday, October 14, 2013

SolderSmoke Podcast #155 BITX17, TEK465

Podcast # 155 is available for download (or you can listen by clicking on the button above):

October 14, 2013  (Delayed Back-to-School edition)

Topics covered:

-- BITX Beauty -- Building a BITX17

-- VFO woes, and the wisdom of Doug DeMaw's love for crystals

-- Why does a 55 year old man NEED clear nail polish varnish?

-- How the VFO KILLED the Tek 465

-- Trying to fix the Tek 465 (not for the faint of heart)
-- New products:  Justin Beiber Duct Tape, bifocal safety glasses,
magnetic reading glasses, Ward Silver's new book

-- Backwards British Bike Brakes


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1 comment:

  1. Bill - thanks for the mention on the latest podcast. No rush on the HV probes or DMM. If you found that the probes work OK with your DMM, then you could send the DMM back earlier if you don't need it. Best of luck with the 465 repair!


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