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Sunday, November 17, 2013

M0XPD's Digital Analog BITX -- Best of Both Worlds

Paul, M0XPD, has built a very interesting version of the BITX rig.  His is on 40 meters.  It features plug in bandpass and IF filters (great idea!) and uses DDS technology for both the BFO and VFO stages.  Good going Paul!  More details here:

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  1. Interesting post. I just hope he does
    not move next door or sit in the tent next to me on Field Day with all the phase noise from his DDS LO and BFO

    Denny O. from ZS6 land

  2. It seems there is no way for me to contact Paul through his Blog. I too have some AD9850 DDS modules working now and would like to do the same thing with a BitX. However, the 1Vpp DDS output seems too low to properly drive the BitX first mixer (for example). Perhaps Paul can share how he interconnects the DDS modules with the BitX. Thanks, David WB4ONA


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