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Monday, November 4, 2013

SolderSmoke Podcast #156 -- Special Echolink Interview

Podcast #156 is available: 

Special hour-long interview with Peter Parker, VK3YE
-- Early experiences with radio
-- CW
-- DSB Gear
-- Simple gear, and gear that is TOO simple
-- VXOs, Super VXOs and Ceramic Resonators
-- Building receivers
-- Chips vs. Discrete
-- Making the leap to SSB
-- The Knob-less wonder and the BITX
-- No need for a sophisticated workshop
-- Advice for new phone QRPers

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  1. Nice interview Bill.

  2. I really enjoyed that. Peter has a lot of really good ideas and comments. Would also like to hear his ideas on phasing receivers.
    Tom, ak2b

    P.S. you might pick up some advertising from the likes of Mouser and Digikey is you weren't such an anti-chipite :)

  3. Bill. Thank you for this excellent edition of the podcast. Once again time waiting for the kids to come out from evening activities in the carpark in the rain put to good QRP use ;)
    73 Nigel M0NDE

  4. I greatly enjoyed your discussion, one of the best SolderSmoke podcasts ever. I too am looking forward to hearing what Peter has to say about phasing, and also beach operation. We often go to the Oregon coast and I've long thought about operating on the beach, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks both of you!

  5. Peter has an intuitive way to go straight forward to air. DSB is a great way to heterodyne and extend acoustic speech straight to electromagnetic higher frequencies since since time it's appeared. Here is one great book from pioneering times of DSB. 73 and best regards de YT1ZW http://www.tubebooks.org/Books/intro_gesh.pdf


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