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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Regen Madness

Dave, AA7EE, has a really nice blog article about his experiences with regen receivers.  He writes about a regen kit he built as a kid (pictured above) and goes on to describe in beautiful detail a regen he built recently using a combination of old tech and new tech:

I agree with Dave when he notes that regens are unfairly thought of as mere novelties. My old "King's Speech" regen (below) is a very useful shortwave listening  receiver and could easily be used for 40 meter CW contacts.  It is even stable enough for SSB.   

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1 comment:

  1. My first radio was a Knight-Kit Span Master: high-tech style on the outside, regen on the inside. Drove my mother crazy with the howling.

    I wanted an AM radio for my birthday to listen to rock & roll. Sneaky EE dad says OK, but for the same money how about this shortwave kit? I fell for it, had my Novice a year later and my MSEE some years after that. Some sneaky dad.


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