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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some Inspiration on Receiver Building

As a result of all the recent toob talk with Pete Juliano I've been going to work with old copies of Electric Radio in my backpack.  Yesterday, somewhere in the tunnel under the Potomac River, I read these inspiring words from master receiver builder Bob Dennison, W2HBE (SK): 

"Part of the fun in the radio building hobby is tearing up a set after a short period of use so its parts can be used again in a bigger and better set. Another order is sent to Allied Radio for an audio transformer, an RF choke, a vernier dial and some of those exquisitely beautiful Hammarlund variable condensers.  Oh what a joy it is! You just haven't lived until you've built a whole series of progressively more exotic receivers.  Give it a try!"  (ER, March 1993) 

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