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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Adam Savage (Myth Busters) Interviews Andy Weir (Author of "The Martian")

I liked this interview a lot, and I am sure SolderSmoke listeners will like it too.
Weir admits to NOT having the Knack, but Mark Watney clearly does have it.

Also, check this out: http://www.cannonade.net/mars.php#map

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  1. Like Adam S, I couldn't put it down (well, I did sleep, but resumed ASAP). Film will release in NZ Oct 1st. Like LOTR it may be some time before I view it, but it is eagerly awaited.

  2. Mark Watney BLEW IT by not building a transceiver and putting up wire for earthbound HAMS to receive, and send in reports to NASA. How cool would that have been? He could have been on WSPR from Mars....Like WOW. But he's never read the SolderSmoke book, has he?


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