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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another BITX DIGI-TIA -- AC9JQ's (video)

Wow, Dean's BITX with Termination Insensitive Amplifiers (3 of them) sounds really nice. And this is with a homebrew ladder filter (see below).

I also like the way Dean makes his enclosures -- he uses scrap aluminum and 1/2" angle.  This might cause me to abandon the wooden cigar boxes.

Dean will now add the driver and PA stages and plans on following Pete's suggestion by making this a 20/40 rig. 

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  1. Bill,
    After several weeks of work on the enclosure, I would not recommend building an enclosure this way. Takes too long.

  2. I absolutely know Deans' radio is Digital --it has a nice square hole on the front panel. Beautiful craftsmanship and it sounds Awesome!

    Pete N6QW

  3. Awesome,
    Thinking of building one, specially after this crystal ladder, Can u give me some details on impedance transformation? Is there any easy way to find the impedance of a crystal ladder ? Also is it ok if I replace the SBL-1 mixer with the DBM made up of Diodes and trifilar inductor like one in BITX20?

    de 9N1NE


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