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Friday, April 8, 2016

From Vietnam to Washington DC -- Jonathan-san KC7FYS W0XO 7J1AWL XV2OC Stops By With His AT3b

I first saw that QRP Altoid-tin ATS-3b rig  around 8 years ago in pictures that Jonathan-san sent from a beach in Vietnam.  He and his family were there on vacation from Japan.  (Included was a memorable picture of his young son in an NVA helmet.) During this time period Jonathan also tried (unsuccessfully, I'm afraid) to teach me how to properly pronounce the name of that famous electronics market in Japan.  

Jonathan and his family were in Washington yesterday and we got together for lunch.   It was great to finally meet them.  And to see that well-travelled ATS-3b.

Jonathan is a big fan of the ATS-3b, and for good reason.  A very neat rig.

Plug in filters for the ATS-3b.

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