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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Meeting up with ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF

On April 12, Tom Gallagher NY2RF was in DC and was kind enough to make some time in his schedule for us to get together and talk about radio.  As we mentioned on a recent podcast, Tom, who has recently taken over as Chief Executive Officer of the American Radio Relay League, is a true FB ham.  He has a restored Drake station that he keeps on the air, and was recently talking up the Michigan Mighty Mite during his interview with Eric 4Z1UG in the "QSO Today" podcast.  And he is a SolderSmoke listener.  It was great to finally meet Tom.  We are all lucky to have him at the ARRL.


  1. Hi Bill, and Tom

    Eyeball QSOs are always a joy.

    Not being a New Yorker, let alone American, I don't recognise the landmark, beyond as a representation of the great Albert with open book, as if grown from a living tree. Another joy!
    73 ...

    1. Dex: That beautiful statue of Einstein is in Washington DC, at the National Academy of Sciences, across the street from where I work. It is my favorite statue. It kind of captures Einstein's very human, very humble personality. The nose is shiny because college kids rub it for good luck before difficult exams. This time of year Einstein is often found with a dozen or so kids posing for pictures with him. Nice. 73 Bill

  2. ARRL has to continue to pulish homebrew books. I have had their books since childhood. It is a legacy they need to keep up!!


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