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Friday, August 19, 2016

Hope for 17 Meters? Plasma Bombs! Ionosphere Modification!

But don't get your hopes up.



  1. "At night the ionosphere is denser and more reflective."

  2. What obscure new science has determined density as a factor? I'd always been taught it was angle of incidence at the boundary (much like water/air) varying with the magnetotail's variation in the solar 'wind' that accounted for the variation, with perhaps density contributing the 'refraction' rather than reflection ...

  3. Perhaps they're looking at using the 'meteor scatter' effect? if so, they've got a real uphill battle. M-S is very local and transient - reliable comms would need wider path/patch of 'mirror' created on-demand, and longer duration - solar wind would disperse it.


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