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Monday, August 22, 2016

Radio New Zealand Booming in on 7245 AM

The day is off to a good start here at SolderSmoke HQ, with Radio New Zealand booming in on my homebrew Mate for the Mighty Midget receiver.  I was listening from around 0900 to 1030 UTC on 7245 kHz. Once again we see that The Radio Gods favor homebrew receivers. Gray line propagation also played a role.  

Above we see a technician at work at RNZ in 1945.  More historic photos here:


  1. Heard the same broadcast this morning Bill. Was surprised at the signal strength. Will have to turn on the receiver early more often! Also heard CY9C from St.Paul Island in Canada.

  2. Man, dem bottlez! Is this the origin of the expression for someone having strength as having 'bottle"? :)

  3. Just noticed: 7245 UTC? Surely kHz? :)

  4. I really like the NZ place names. Really exotic. The rivers especially.

    1. Most rivers are named for incidents in the voyages of Maui, the Maori version of the Christian Adam. He mythically used the South Island as his canoe (with Stewart Island as anchor-stone) while fishing up the North Island from the deep.

  5. Maori, a very mellow language. The consonants b,d,f,g,j,l,q,s,v,x,y, and z are missing or softened, every syllable ends with a vowel.


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