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Saturday, July 29, 2017

SolderSmoke Podcast #198 - D-104, HW-8, Juliello, DIFX, Dishal, Baofeng, MAILBAG

Bill Breshears WC3K (SK)
SolderSmoke Podcast #198 is available. 

29 July 2017

Sign on a beach store:  SHACK-TACULAR! 

Noticed that EB63 amp was getting hot. Why?  

TT2, Herring Aid5, Farhan's Key:  QRPp and CW!  See?

D-104 lore -- Reading from Bill Breshear's (WC3K) ER article
Astatic  crystal/ceramic element -- disappointingly flimsy
Electret-ing it.  The G-Spot (see picture above)
Walery KB2FIV sent crystal mic element and piezo buzzer (reverse for mic!) FB
HW-8 AF filter Center Frequency Problem.  IT'S TRUE!  Fixed!  Finally. 

Shack re-org at N2CQR
Got Steve Silverman's HP 8640B Sig gen on the bench.  Required reinforcement

Pete's new DIFX
LM373 rigs.  Perhaps with that CA3020 Pete sent me. Chips Ahoy! 
Juliano Yellow? Origins of Blue?  Juliello? Julionyx? 
HB Crystal Filter Capitulation? Don't give up Pete --  just dish the Dishal!
Ceramic VXOs?  K.P.S. Kang
Crystal testers by G7WKE and Dino KL0S.  Impressive. 

Antennas and BITX40 modules.  Antennas are important.

Bill's new Baofeng HT on 440.

Fixing my Sony SW7600GR

Steve Silverman alerts us to NYC radio row now in the Bronx.
Tony G4WIF on the cover of SPRAT -- Getting the Don Cameron award. FB 
Armand WA1UQO points out that the Berryville hamfest is coming up... 
Thomas KK6AHT F4HDQ writes in. 
On the air with W8NSA

Juliello.  No. 

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