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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Radio Laboratory at Bandung, Java -- SSB in 1927

Anton PA0AST alerted me to this important piece of radio history:

The first phone radio between Indonesia , the city of Bandung ( Dayeuh Kolot, Jalan Radio 1 ),  and Holland , Radio Kootwijk  were made  in SSB already in 1927... Before that time they had only a CW  1 Mega Watt spark transmitter in Malabar.
One of the receivers still exists in a museum in Amsterdam (cdvandt ). It is 3 meters in length and 2 meter in  height....  All made with plug-able units with 1 tube inside .

The transmitter was 10 kW. Ua was 6kV was made by dynamotors. Transmitting Tubes locally made by craftsman in a workshop.  Both  buildings as well  in Bandung and in Kootwijk still exists .


The old images come from:

At the other end was Radio Kootwijk in Holland. 

Before you jump to the English version of the page, be sure to check out the Drone video of the site, and the audio file of the Morse transmissions: 

http://radiokootwijk.nu/     Thanks to PA0JWU for the wonderful site.

Quite an impressive shack!  My favorite part is the note indicating that local residents cleaned out the cooling pool and used it for swimming each summer.

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