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Sunday, September 10, 2017

More Stations Worked on Sunday Night with the BITXes

I worked AD0RW, AC9PD,  VE3ZBM and WB5YYM on 7277 kHz around 2345 Z Sunday 10 Sept 2017. BITX ops gather on that frequency on Sunday nights at around 7 pm local time. 

The station above is the impressive all HB 40 meter station of WB5YYM.  That's a 49er on the left, and a BITX40 on the right.  The amp in the middle has 2 IRF510s.   HB mic too.   FB


  1. Very FB! Bravo, WB5YYM!

    Due to Pete's influence, I get excited when I see rigs in bare metal... They look like a blank canvas and my spray-gun trigger finger starts twitching.

  2. Thanks for the mention on your blog Bill. It was a pleasure working you on the air. Your big signal was an easy copy here. We have really enjoyed building and operating the station, especially the bitX 40 on SSB,CW and FT8.



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