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Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Road to QRO Perdition

I want to start out by saying that this is NOT my fault.  I have been TRYING to do QRP things. Remember my recent Tuna Tin 2, Herring Aid 5 rig?    I am aware of the ever-present threat of expulsion from the QRP HoF.   We all remember what happened to poor Pete back on April 1, 2017. 

But sometimes people just deliberately put temptation in your path.   That is what happened this week.  Our old friend Rogier KJ6ETL (formerly known as PA1ZZ) sent me the very LARGE chunk of aluminum that you see in the picture above.  Look at that thing.  It is practically begging to be turned into a very QRO push-pull amplifier.  

At first I told myself that it would be impossible to tap the big heat sinks on the sides.  How would I get the drill in there?  But then I realized that I can just put the threads in from the outside.  I can almost smell the machine oil. And the heat sink compound... 

Thanks lot Rogier. This is all your fault. 



  1. Well... you'll be fine if you don't go QRO with your RF.
    Think: AF!

  2. Push pull stereo MOSFET audio Amp for sure, and wake the dead...
    VE4BDF Bruce

  3. you know it starts with the first IRF510 and then then rest just follow...hi from lowell indiana....de ka9ooi

  4. Dear Bill,

    In the last two editions of Hot Iron, Tim has featured a MOSFET Amp that actually needs a heat sink of that size. There is a project with your name on it.

  5. Push pull stereo Amp, 4 IRF510's would need that tank into a 4x4 stack of 12 inches x2 left and right. Audio amps are fun. VE4BDF

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