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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Homebrew Receivers of F5LVG

I came across OM F5LVG's work in SPRAT.  He has a wonderful website -- it is in French, but Google Chrome translates is quite nicely.  


From the site's introduction: 

This site is dedicated to the construction and understanding of radio receivers. If you have dreamed of hearing a radio station with a receiver that you have built yourself, this site is for you.  These are essentially direct conversion receivers and modern feedback detectors using only semiconductors, except for retrofitting. The described stations will accommodate amplitude modulation, single sideband (SSB) and telegraphy.
Besides these receivers several articles are devoted to LC oscillators. In particular, an extremely simple original stabilizing device is described.
Similarly, a simple frequency meter is described.
The joy of reception using a homebrew receiver is intense. May this site help you find this joy. Do not hesitate to join the amateur community.


  1. Excellent website. I specially liked the use of very simple wooden chassis for his projects. This is a treasure of information for the home brewer. Ernie AJ4BP

  2. "The joy of reception using a homebrew receiver is intense". Never a truer word written. :-)


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