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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Videos of iPhone Box DC Receiver

These are just a couple of short videos that I made for my nephew before sending him this receiver. 

As you can hear, deafness is not a problem with this design!   I did make some frequency stability improvements after this video was made -- I think you can hear a bit of drift.  Still, not bad for a very simple circuit using a polyvaricon superglued to the back of a cardboard box.  

I'll post more videos of the second version of this receiver.  There are further improvements in frequency stability.  My goal:  "Juliano Si5351" levels of stable-ness.  


  1. Gold stuff Bill. Thanks for sharing the details.

    This will be my first scratch build. I have studying the schematic and hope to noodle the layout this weekend.

    My first component order should be here soon. I am excited and scared. But you can't learn to be good without making an effort and stumbling as ya go.

    73 from the Mitten State


  2. Sounds fantastic, Bill. Looks like another project for my 'to do' list!

  3. Hi Bill, I've been through my components draw and I think i have enough bits :-) your schematic has a few bits I can't fathom .. volume and the electrolytics :-) do you have one with these labeled?? many thanks, an excited Gaz :-))


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