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Saturday, June 23, 2018

SolderSmoke #205 Solstice, Mars, Antennas, Displays, Phasing Fix, VFOs, Lexicon, MAILBAG

June 23, 2018

SolderSmoke Podcast #205 is available:  


-- Summer solstice.  Mars Observations.  Graduations.  Internships.  Fathers Day.

-- Antenna Angst:  Pete's tribander and Bill's Moxon.  Insulation and resonance?

-- Pete's work on color displays. 

-- Bill goes back to fix up older projects:  

-- Fixing the Frankenstein Phasing RX.  Found an open choke!

-- Tightening up the HRO Dial. 

-- Achieving Juliano Criteria stability on a BITX20 VFO. 

-- Lexicon additions:  "Scratch Built"  "Hardrock Radio"  


-- PastaPete:  http://www.pastapete.com/

Bob Crane W8SX Corrspondent at FDIM
Ralph AB1OP  Building LBS
Bruce KC1FSZ  Digital Pot
Jason W5IPA uBITX in Juliano Blue
Special thanks to Tim Walford for 25 years of Hot Iron.  


  1. I always enjoy your podcast. I usually listen at home. Today I'm on a road trip, listening via Stitcher, through my Android phone and my car stereo. The audio dynamics are a little over the top for on-the-road listening. With the volume at a reasonable level, some loud bits get objectionably so, and some soft bits are inaudible behind the road noise. Maybe you could work on your mic discipline, or add a compressor/limiter to you recording chain? Thanks, John AC2RL

  2. John -- Yea sometimes it can be hard to get the levels right. I went back and boosted my audio in the mp3, so if you listen to it again it should be better. Pete got a nice boom mic that makes consistency easier -- I'm going to get one too. 73 Bill

  3. JAMES HARDIN KM4WBXJune 25, 2018 at 7:43 PM

    about your moxon antenna. never used one, but you commented that wavelength calculations were effected by presence of an insulator. I think you have forgotten air is an insulator and has a dialectic constant of ~1.0

  4. you can see an antenna as a LC circuit or resonant tank circuit
    with impedance and capacity.
    if you change the dielectric material of a capacitor you change the capacitance
    therefor the resonance of the antenna changes too.

  5. Tim: I think that was the conceptual part I was missing. Thanks.

  6. Nice photo of the old radios and homebrew gear, but where is the SDR with the big display waterfall display?


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