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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Video on PCB Factory in China

This factory is a LONG way from Manhattan -- both from the island and from the technique.  

How about some Juliano Blue PC Boards?   

The machine that automatically checks for bad connections was especially amazing. 

And the boards are made in 24 hours, with 3 day shipping to the U.S. 


  1. Multi-million dollar production facilities behind $109 transceivers..

  2. Here in New Zealand, in the late '90s at Massey University (Palmerstoin North) I completed construction of, and began production in, a mini version. The project was abandoned and it was sold to Sri Lanka (I.E. Technics) out from under my feet, with most of Technology transferred to Albany campus (and then swamped by Auckland Institute of Technology). SHAME! It was the valid core of a prototyping (perhaps even small-scale production) plant. I've not heard of its fate following the tsunami - it hit that area hard. :( There were some very clued-up folks there!

  3. And now, 25 percent more expensive for us.


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