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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

M0HYT's Through-Hole (No Surface Mount) uBITX

That's the spirit! I like how Peter M0HYT took the uBITX schematic and built his own, his way.  When you build the rig yourself, if problems arise (spurs, harmonics getting past filters) you are in a much better position to fix the problem. I'm afraid that sometimes those buying an already-assembled board just feel aggrieved if the purchased item is not fully within specs.     

M0HYT posted this to the BITX20 group (this past summer): 

I have just built a uBITX with standard components (no SMD's) from scratch on a PCB I designed - it works well.  I have now designed another PCB which incorporates the Arduino NANO and the the Si5351 shield and I'm just waiting for the PCB's to arrive and then I will start assembling.  I made some changes to the circuit to allow for a dynamic microphone and the use of screened TOKO cols for the 30MHz lowpass filter, I also changed the coupling arrangement to the 45MHz filter.

I have attached a picture of the original PCB and a PDF of the new layout incorporating the Arduino and Si5351

Maybe one day I will play with SMT but for now standard components are still easily available !
73's - Peter M0HYT


  1. I wonder if the design uses Hans Summers filter modules?

  2. I was unable to find a gerber viewer in order to see the board. Tried 4 different viewers and none of them would work. Wonder what I am doing wrong. Kicad among other online viewers dont work with this Gerber format. Steve

    1. Hi,
      Our club is using M0HYT PCB as a club project. Some thirteen are building to his design.
      We sent off to a chinese PCB fabricator and got the boards done for £6.85 each inclusive of import duty and VAT. Came in less than a fortnight. The firm will do two boards for less than £ 15 each. Might do them for less as hhe ha the templates mastered.

  3. none of the gerber files worked for me either... poor show!!

  4. any further news on the project. Wonder if any one succeeded in assembling it , to be on the AIR.

    Anxiously waiting to hear from this team on the progress of this project.

  5. I reckon some VU Hams are on similar projects, i.e, through-hole (No SMT) uBITX. 73 de VU2UT


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