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Saturday, October 27, 2018

SolderSmoke Podcast #207 -- 15 mtrs, 60 mtrs, Giants of Radio, Cubesats, Pete's rigs, SDR MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #207 is available:

-- Giants of Radio
-- Pete on 15 Meters
-- Bill on 60 Meters with the uBITX
-- Pete's Sudden and Heath Filter Transceivers
-- Cubesats to orbit!  To the moon!  And to Mars! 
-- Bill rebuilds his 2 meter "Ray-Gun" Quad (for Farhan's Cubesat)
-- Homebrewing Variable caps and stockpiling NP0
-- My "by ear" Minimal Discernible Signal Technique
-- Thoughts on Direct Sampling SDR and the Radio Art
-- A request for feedback from GQRP
-- G4WIF reports G3ROO on UK TV with spysets
-- VU3XVR builds FB rig from EMRFD
-- M0KOV Charter member of the 3 Scratch-built BITX club
--KD4PBJ's PTO Turtle DC Receiver
-- AB1OP builds Pete's LBS receiver and gives us a new acronym: SITB
-- KD4EBM -- Thanks for the scanner Bob!   
-- A possible sponsor from California... 

-- Pete's dream neighborhood...


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  2. Just talked to D4C on my uBITX w 80m full loop, 15 meters. DX contest I assume.

  3. Hi, I cannot start the podcast, it open up to run but remains at 00.



    1. Downloads and works ok here in UK de G0JNR.

    2. Ciao Gian: Try clicking on the two vertical bars to get the audio going. OR you can listen through the player at the top of this central column of the blog page -- just click on the play button and it will play. 73 Bill

    3. Gian, occasionally some of the different browsers do different things. Try a different one ?

  4. our local club is doing ubitx - 23 members are doing rigs. test drove mine in CQWW - it works wonderfully! we are measuring our spurious, they are not in compliance - but we have arranged a successful fix - that all will be getting. this rig is a keeper!

  5. "Bob's your uncle" - Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins

    1. ... and Fanny's your aunt - well, that's how I learned it.


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