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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Oliver Heaviside

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In the last SolderSmoke podcast we took a look at some of the giants of radio.   Here is one fellow we missed:  Oliver Heaviside.  Hackaday has an interesting profile of him: 


Like many of the giants we looked at, Oliver definitely had his problems, and didn't end well.  But he deserves a lot of respect and credit for his many innovations and discoveries.   I didn't know that he is the one responsible for those 88 mH coils in my junk box.  


  1. There's definitely a yin and yang to the Knack and it appears OM Heavyside suffered from a severe case of it, good, bad and ugly.

  2. When I was a kid, someone offered me a book about the Earth and the Ether. I became a radioamateur and an engineer. 45 years later, I remember this Kennely Heaviside layer.
    Thank you for looping the (88 mH inductive) loop with this article.
    Olivier - F1SOC


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