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Friday, November 30, 2018

Totally Absurd -- Farhan Being Questioned in a Police Station

I walked into the shack this morning hoping to read good news about the InSight landing and the impending launch of Farhan's satellite, but instead I found this message from Farhan in a police station.   This is really absurd and disheartening.   Someone (not Farhan!) altered the Indian flag and put it into an image of Farhan's CubeSat.  So with 24 hours to go before the launch, our friend Farhan finds himself in a police station. 

Stay strong Farhan!  You have a lot of support around the world.  


  1. Hopefully the law is similar in that he gets to face his accuser. Let us know if there's anything we can do.

  2. Well, someone submitted a complain, and i clarified it to them. that's all. i hope it is over for now.

  3. Hopefully by the time I am reading this, this is all over. If there is any way we can help, just ask.

  4. Are they going to hold the launch so officials can inspect the satellite to see if there's a flag on it, and if so, count the spokes?

    Or if they are too late and the satellite already in space, will they launch a rocket, siren and flashers blazing, to catch tge satellite and have it pull over?


  5. I hope it is all over by now.

    As bad as I feel for Farhan, I can't help but feel bad for the police as well.

    Imagine being a police officer and having to waste your time following up on a complaint like this because procedures don't allow them to apply some common sense and dismiss it out of hand.

    Is there any information on what crime the complainant felt was being broken? Some fraud or scam presumably?

    Hopefully the complainant can be fined for wasting police resources.

  6. Sorry to hear this Farhan. If it would help, I'd draw a flag with 32 spokes to compensate for the missing 8 and fax it to the police station.

  7. It's good to hear that crime in India is so vanishingly rare that the police actually have time to investigate this kind of nonsense.

  8. Police were doing their duty. But the problem is that police should have first investigated on source of the pic. It could have been by amateur patriot or a cunning conspiracy

  9. Some people have nothing to do except harass others.
    Glad you solved it out Farhan

  10. Sorry to hear about this harrasment.. hope good sence and tolerance prevails.


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