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Monday, November 5, 2018

Pete N6QW Rejuvenates the Atlas Twins with an Arduino and an Si5351

Pete Juliano N6QW has turned his attention to the Atlas Twins, a nice single conversion multiband rig. Pete has used an Arduino/Si5351 to replace the analog oscillators in the old Atlas.  This improves stability and allows for USB/LSB operation.  

Pete very graciously kept the old analog circuitry in the rig, allowing the Atlas to be returned to its pristine analog state at some time in the future. Pete also made some very kind comments about the surprising stability of the original  analog oscillator circuitry.  

Check out Pete' site for more details: 


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  1. Coincidentally I just finished reading a book: "the French Atlantic Affair" by Ernest Lehman. One of the main elements of the book is actually ham radio using an Atlas 210x ! Ernest Lehman was a famous screenwriter as well as an active ham. He also mentions a Signal One transceiver and a Raytheon receiver. Btw, as my grandmother would have said, the book is "spicy" - also quite violent - definitely not a Tommy Rockford type of ham radio adventure.

    There was also a mini-series verson on ABC but I haven't seen that.


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