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Saturday, November 17, 2018

From BITX to SpaceX: Falcon 9 To Launch Farhan's Cubesat on Monday (video)

  1. SpaceX will live-stream the launch as well on their YouTube stream. Also - this will be the first SpaceX booster to fly three times, and the first to launch from all three SpaceX pads.
Special thanks to Dave Bamford for the BITX to SpaceX line! 


  1. Looks like the launch will be delayed 5-6 days.

  2. And yet,the Falcon 9 is launching a bunch if satellites, including the first geostationary amateur radio satellite. It stays in the same place, so it's always useable by those who can "see" it. No more brief times at varying times of day. Decades in the making (though some of that was getting a launch), it's a big step forward, though I don't know if it's the first non-government, non-commercial geostationary.


  3. Another ham radio milestone ... a great follow on to OSCAR.
    Pete N6QW

  4. Looks like the launch is back on the books for 28th Nov, with 29 and 30 for backups. The nautical closure area is active but no confirmation from SpaceX yet.

    Andy KG5RKP

  5. 28th Nov, 10:32 AM PST - Go Farhan!


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