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Saturday, March 2, 2019

SolderSmoke Podcast #210 Boatanchors, Magnetostriction, VFOs, AM, CW, SSB, Mailbag

2 March 2019 

SolderSmoke Podcast #210 is available: 


Alexa, Marie Kondo, berets, and ham radio

Bi-Coastal Boatanchors
BATTLE CRY: The Vintage SSB Preamble! "We are NOT ashamed!" 
Bill's HT37 and Drake 2B 
Pete's National National NCX-3  TRGHS
Mechanical Filters
Why did Collins go with mechanical vice crystal filters? 
The foam deterioration syndrome in mechanical filters.  Sad. 
Please send any unwanted Mechanical Filters to Bill. 
BONUS QUESTION:   Look at the filter below.  What is different/special about this one?

Pete's antenna trouble
Pete's FB amplifier troubleshooting
Recent improvements in the uBITX finals
Pete's design for a VFO for Bill (and an indoor antenna tuner!)

Bill's VFO for Pete:  HRO dial and gearbox driving a rotary encoder

Guido PE1NNZ puts the QCX on SSB
"The Secret Life of Machines -- Radio"
HB HRO dial from DL6WD
WA1QIX's USB D-104
"The High Frequency Oracle" 
DeMaw's LC filter receiver
Godzilla and Ham Radio
Bill's poor quality SSTV images from space (what happened?) 
Listening to AM on an SSB receiver
Mixed feelings about CW 

M0KOV's mom took him to the doctor due to THE KNACK. 
M0JGH getting married (ALWAYS LISTEN TO PETE!) 
Jac's FB Receiver

What is different/special about this one?


  1. Hi Guys

    Just listening to the podcast and Pete's QSO on the National SSB. My first RX was a Heathkit HR10B in 1976 and bought a used DX10(?). In 1982 I left the hobby. Ten years ago I re-entered the hobby and joined the local ham club. One day I came across a HR10B on Ebay, The price was reasonable and I bought. In 1982 I had sold the HR10B but I couldn't find the manuals at that time. I came came across those manuals and wouldn't you know it, the recorded serial # I scribbled on the manuals matched the ebay purchase serial #. Wow I was blown away and what are the chances?

    73 Ken VA3ABN

  2. Ken: We would proclaim: "TRGHS" The Radio Gods Have Spoken. You were meant to have that rig and get it on the air. Thanks and 73 Bill

  3. Another great podcast. Thanks gents.

    For berets, I was in the Army when they stole the black beret from the Rangers and forced us POG's to wear them. Worst headgear for working in a motorpool in the depths of a Texas summer. Dress uniform maybe, day to day no joy for the working solider.

    Suppose I should dig mine out for that giveaway.

    Very cool find Ken! I agree with the grand poobah, TRGHS.

    Stay radio active.


  4. Hi, Bill and Pete -

    I just wanted to thank you for playing the Vintage Sideband Net preamble/manifesto on Soldersmoke 210. It made me wish, for the first time in 50 years, that I still had my Eico 753 transceiver. Believe me, that feeling passed *very* quickly, but I retain my admiration for the men and women of the net, whose passion for flaky old SSB gear is infectious.

    Bob, W6BP

  5. Bill, send us a link to DeMaws LC filter paper, thanks Ed KC8SBV

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  7. Bill
    I wasn't a radio ham when my mum took me to the doctors, just an electronics obsessed pre-teenager who couldn't get to sleep on a night. My mum believed that all childhood ailments were self inflicted and grid bias voltages were keeping me awake. You would thought that since my mum had given birth to three lads, she would have realised that most young males are pre-programmed to sleep in the morning, not at night.

    73 Steve M0KOV

  8. Bill & Pete,
    Great episode! Even down under we were inspired to seek out the right safety wear for home brewing. It turns out that the protective head gear is widely available here. http://blog.marxy.org/2019/03/the-right-hat-for-soldering.html (Note the HRO dial by the way).

    73 Peter VK2TPM & Stephen VK2BLQ

  9. Your dediscation to the cause and your adherence to our dress code is truly, uh, REMARKABLE! I hearby award all of you FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS to the on-line version of the SolderSmoke podcast.
    But seriously, thanks a lot fellows. I have sent Pete the blog link and I'm sure he will be as pleased as I was. 73 Bill

  10. Bill & Pete,
    As usual, I enjoyed your latest podcast. My first station, back in 1958, was s home-built CW-AM transmitter and a Heathkit AR-2 receiver, which was pretty useless. I soon upgraded to a US Navy TCS receiver (made by Collins!). It only received up to 12 Mc/s so I had to build a converter for 20-15-10. It was pretty wide, even for AM and I added a BC-453 Q-5er. Later I got my hands on a Collins 6 Kc/s mechanical filter and installed it in the TCS. This rig was used until I started on SSB with a Heathkit SB-101. I still have all these rigs, except for the Q-5er.
    73, Shlomo 4X4LF

  11. Antonio M. Ferreira "El MotoKedas"March 6, 2019 at 11:25 PM

    Hum... Magneto-striction? ... that reminds me of my 18th as an aprentice on a naval electronics firm, (in here in northern Portugal Leixoes) .. it was used in the echo-sounders transducers aboard wooden hulls (allways at theport (left?) side & a few probs that where caused by cavitation bugging the "ultrasound" freqs used... I am 59 now... an air-head or petrol-head , or propeller-berret kid -

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