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Friday, March 8, 2019

Viking Rigs Save the Day!

I attribute the success to the Times Sequence Keying.  And, of course, to the analog VFO.  
Thanks again to Jeff Murray. 


  1. Nothing like using your Johnson in a proper manner.

  2. Time sequenced keying is all fine and dandy, but I want nothing to do with it unless it's got a meter with a jeweled movement.

  3. My first QSO was using an Adventurer at Nicolet HS radio club in 1972. Used a Swan 400 as the receiver, the driver and finals were removed because the club president (a lapsed Novice) didn't want any of that unauthorized high power / VFO stuff for me the only licensed member (WN9KZY) !

  4. Wish I hadn't sold my Navigator! Had one when I was WN4CHQ back in 1972/73... de WA4CHQ


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