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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FDIM Interview with KI4IO -- Homebrew Direct Conversion Transceiver

I've been a big fan of Jerry's for several years.  He is the homebrew wizard of Warrenton, Va.  Warrention is just about 25 miles west of us.  Cappuccio the wonder-dog was born on a farm in Warrenton.  

I'm really glad that our ace correspondent Bob Crane W8SX caught up with Jerry at FDIM.  I liked his description of the joy of using a homebrew rig, and of the advantages of direct conversion.   Inspiring stuff!   Listen to the interview here:  

http://soldersmoke.com/KI4IO FDIM 2019.m4a

Be sure to check out the KI4IO page on QRZ.com


  1. This guy is inspiring as they come, he and GM3OXX both zero IF, and a couple of watts...

    Ed KC8SBV

  2. I first met Jerry several years ago at FDIM. We hook up every year at FDIM. I was shooting the breeze with Jerry when Bob Crane W8SX asked Jerry for an interview. So no I can put a face to a name/callsign. Good job Bob on the interview and thanks Jerry for your insight on all things QRP!

  3. Bill, I forgot to say that your latest blog was the most entertaining one I have ever heard! You and Pasta Pete are an outstanding duo. I especially like the vocalizations Pete makes when you mention certain taboo procedures/measurements and/or radio gear, lol.

    1. I meant to say your latest podcast not "blog". I need another cup of coffee!


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